Monday, October 02, 2006

My very own doodle challenge

I've decided to jump on the blog band-wagon after recently discovering a great scrapbooking community on-line and in France. I've been living in Toulouse for almost three years now and am eager to meet other scrappers. I consider myself a doodler by definition. I doodle while on the phone, in my journal, on napkins at restaurants But it has never crossed into my scrapbooking layouts. Because I try to scrap between pauses during my day job as a stay-at-home-mom, my layouts tend to be clean, neat and to the point. Well, I did something different. I really need to give credit to Celine Navarro and Elsie Flannigan whose layouts have inspired me to take the doodle route. It was fun, different and Andrea totally loved seeing me take out the paints, the brushes and getting messy.

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jenny said...

ttrttttttttrooooo boooooo!!! hihihi trop génial la façon que tu as de scraper!!! j'adore toutes ses couleurs et la photo troooo drôle!!!